Sue Pelletier crafted a light-hearted list of 5 Things You’ll Never Hear a Meeting Planner Say, featured in a recent MeetingsNet Extra newsletter. To recap:

  • Let’s just wing it.
  • Lists? Who needs lists?
  • Travel is so glamorous.
  • I love food and beverage minimums!
  • Don’t sweat the small (meetings-related) stuff.

Pelletier added a few items from feedback she received through social media, and a commenter added even more. Take a look. Can you relate?

What will you never say as an association event planner? Given the niche events you plan, your list may be more association-specific. What words have never crossed your lips? Inexpensive A/V equipment? Easy-going speaker? Timely handout collection?

One phrase we’d like to strike from you list of things you’ll never say is “hassle-free event content management.” The new EventCMS suite of services can make it a reality. Work with Omnipress and you can use just one vendor for event websites, mobile event apps, and print. Last-minute changes won’t make the list of things you’ll never say, unfortunately, but at least they become easier when you can update one source and call it done.

We’d love to hear what you’ll never say in your job as an event planner. If you learn more about the EventCMS and find out how much simpler event content management can be, maybe “Content delivery was pretty easy this year!“ will be something you can actually say without a smirk. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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