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Event program printing is often one of the last items to be crossed off your conference planning to do list. And for good reason: Speakers are notorious for sending in their final presentations at the 11th hour. Once you receive the last piece of content, the rush is on to get those materials formatted, printed and shipped to make it to the event on time.

If you play a role in printing conference materials for your association, you need to read our whitepaper, Managing Print Projects: Five Tips for Success. In it, we share the knowledge we’ve gathered printing conference content over the last 40 years. You learn the best practices and advice we share with our customers to reduce the stress and potential problems that occur without a solid strategy in place.


Learn five essential tips that will help you manage your next conference printing project.


Read this free whitepaper to answer important questions, like:

  • How soon should I start the conversation with my printer? (Hint: it’s earlier than you might think!)
  • What other tasks can a vendor take off my list?
  • Why is it important to let the goal of my project determine the format?

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