iStock_000022053328 SmallerThe fall event season is coming! Odds are, you are either managing or attending (or both) a conference in the next few months.

You’ll be meeting a lot of people, each with different goals to accomplish at the conference—and in their careers. As attendees watch sessions, visit exhibits, and network, those goals will creep out in their speech and behaviors.

A fun infographic on highlights some of the personalities you’ll encounter at events. Surely you’ve already met someone who could be described as a Social Media Addict. Maybe you see yourself in one of the roles (we’re guessing Event Organizer). This year you may recognize a few that you didn’t exactly nail down until seeing the list, like The Model Who’s Paid to Be There.

Whether you meet all of these types of people or just a few, remember that everyone has their own ideas for what they want out of the conference, and their own plan to get it.

That can bleed over to event content as well. The Social Media Addict will want a mobile event app, connected to Twitter and the event hashtag. The Suit/Corporate may prefer a printed program. The Sponsor wants to get in front of attendees as soon as possible, on an event website.

You, the Event Organizer, wants to satisfy the needs of all attendees, but it’s difficult to manage multiple vendors to do all three (app, printed program, and event website). I mean, you could, and maybe should, but the time and money will stretch you thin (Soon enough, you might become Stressed Out Guy).

Enter the new EventCMS suite of services from Omnipress. One vendor, for all content, in multiple formats. Keep all 10 types of people, including Event Organizer, satisfied. Present content as each type wishes to receive it.

Offer content delivery for everyone with Omnipress!

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