iStock_000016210449 sMALLERIn this modern life, time is the new currency, and it’s at a premium. It seems like everyone is busy, all the time. There’s never enough time to do all that we want—or have—to do. Any opportunity you have to save a few minutes is welcome. You’ll surely put it to good use doing something else important. (Or you could take a nap.)

It’s especially gratifying to save time by combining duplicate tasks. Use the bank in the grocery store down the street. Hire a handyman to take care of half a dozen problem spots around the house instead of scheduling time with five different service professionals. Stop at Costco for everything from toilet paper to shrimp to vitamins, all in one place.

The same concepts work for your association. Doing more work in one place is simply more efficient. A vendor that offers print, online publishing, and a mobile app to deliver your event content, for example, means you place one call, not three, to get content details worked out.

That might not seem like a big improvement, but when you try a one-stop shop, you’ll see that this time really adds up. One call instead of three today becomes 10 emails instead of 30 of the next month, and fewer places to contact during your final sweep before the event. The webmaster, mobile app developer, and printer aren’t the only people you need to contact today, but having one task—event content—under control for today is no small thing.

We’re big fans of association professionals; we are not advocating this as an opportunity for staff reductions. And you know what? Based on what we’re hearing at tradeshows, your bosses aren’t, either. It’s much better for the association that staff time be redirected toward mission-related tasks, like helping to develop a new course, booking interesting speakers, and increasing the association’s social media presence. Doesn’t that beat playing phone tag with a mobile app developer for the third time this week?

Partner with Omnipress as your one-stop shop for event content delivery and you’ll save more than just time and money. Add hassle to the list, along with your sanity.

Isn’t it time for a change? Omnipress’ EventCMS suite of services is just the thing.

To learn, download our white paper, Event Content Planning: A Step-By-Step Guide to Simplifying Your Life.

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