When you look for someone to do business with, whether it’s a car mechanic, house painter, or doctor, experience is important, for many reasons.

First of all, you feel more comfortable trusting your car or your health to someone who knows what they’re doing. “Rookie mistakes” are common enough to earn their own term, and you’re not interested in being the training wheels while professionals get the hang of the work they do. Fair enough!

Another important aspect to choosing a partner based on experience is more subtle, but no less important. When you work with an experienced professional, the body of work that precedes your visit means that the service provider has probably encountered your challenges before.

As such, the doctor or mechanic or hair stylist is elevated from a person who can merely get the job done to someone who can serve in a consultative role in helping you move forward with your specific issue. The stylist knows how to get you through growing out your bangs. The doctor can give you tips to help you lower your blood pressure.

Omnipress has been working with associations for decades and our expertise carries over into print and fulfillment of continuing education training materials. We can also help organizations manage their print inventory and bring their CE training content online.

We know managing content changes can be difficult when it comes to CE training materials. A change in best practices or an important new regulation could cause your organization’s training materials to be outdated, literally overnight. We print on demand, charging only for the inventory your learners order. Working with us means that changing content doesn’t have to cost you. That also means that your office space isn’t overrun by outdated materials.

When some associations initially partner with us, they take the opportunity to update their CE training materials. Maybe your course books could use a facelift, too? (For an example, read the Vibration Institute case study.) Omnipress can help you with rebranding, as well as other cumbersome tasks that many organizations are happy to delegate, like international shipping and inventory management.

Bringing CE training content online is appealing to many organizations, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Omnipress offers event content online as well, and knows how important online access to materials has become to the average member/attendee/learner. To keep your organization relevant and tuned in to the needs of its membership, it makes sense to offer materials online. To make it easier on you, trust the Omnipress team to guide you through the process of bringing content online.

“Delivering knowledge” has been long been Omnipress’ mantra. We apply it to all that we do, whether your focus is events, training, or publications. If you are looking for help with your CE training materials, we are here to help.

About Omnipress

Omnipress delivers educational content for associations and other organizations. Digital and print solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences and training programs.

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