Odds are, you have dealt with a control freak in your life. You know the type—not only do they insist on getting their way and micromanaging everything, but they try to change your mind to match their ideas, mostly to assuage the guilt they feel by steamrolling the issue at hand.

You’ve probably also had to learn to live or work with someone who wanted so little control, you have to wonder if they cared at all about the apartment you shared or the project you were working on together.

How would you describe your own control tendencies at work? Do you see some aspects of both, in different situations, or do you feel that you maintain an appropriate level of control and flexibility? It’s interesting to consider, and figuring it out can help you find the best tools to help you succeed.

Having too little control is just as dangerous as having too much. It’s easy to feel out of the loop if you become so hands off that you don’t have a good grasp of what’s happening. If you need to be managing the process, this can be deeply unsettling.

Taking on full control is a path that’s also fraught with peril. Not so much because you are afraid of overstepping your bounds and bullying your way through the project; that’s not your style. The problem is more basic—if you’re in control of the whole process, you have to do it all. And that’s not really an acceptable outcome, either.

When you work with Omnipress to make your conference content available online, you can find that happy medium. Take enough control to know where the project stands, but not so much that you feel burdened by the work.

Administrative access to Omnipress’ online conference materials is easy for you and your team to use. No programming experience is needed, and help is just a phone call or an email away. Your project manager can walk you through any task that is giving you headaches. Life is too short to feel frustrated when friendly, knowledgeable help is so easily found.

The perfect balance of control, user-friendly administrative panel, and customer service that is truly helpful—that’s what you can expect when you partner with Omnipress to deliver your association’s conference content online.

Learn more about our online conference materials and how that fits into your conference content strategy—download our white paper, Best Practices in Conference Content!

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