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How well do you navigate new cities? Consider yourself lucky if it doesn’t take you much time to acclimate yourself to new surroundings.

We don’t all possess this gift, but having a map in your pocket on a GPS-enabled smartphone makes getting from Point A to Point B easier, even for the most directionally-challenged among us. Navigating at your association’s conference can be difficult, too. Even if your attendees stay near the event venue, they may get a bit turned around, especially if last night’s mixer left them with little sleep.

With Omnipress’ mobile event app, attendees will never lose their way again. When leaving the convention center, they can keep an eye on the Maps module inside the app to chart their path and retrace their steps to return, without wondering how far afield they’ve wandered.

The GPS-enabled maps in the mobile event app include not just the venue as a starting point, but other potential stops for attendees, including hotels, restaurants, local attractions and other points of interest.

Attendees will appreciate having a quick reference to plan their time outside of the conference proper. After all, it’s common knowledge that some of the best meetings they’ll have at your annual event happen after hours, off-site.

Help your attendees avoid losing time in mindless wandering. With GPS-enabled maps, they can leave the building for lunch, find their way back, and make that crucial 1:30 session. Make sure your conference app allows attendees to easily get from Point A to Point B.

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