As you begin your preparations for your next meeting, take stock of the tools you have at your disposal. Really look at every aspect of the conference with fresh eyes and try to determine if there’s a simple solution hidden in a system you’ve used for years, or if a different system provides enough relief to justify making a change.

For example, is there a scheduler built into a tool you use? If you, like many conference planners, follow a schedule, it can be helpful to know how you can manage your time, using which tool(s). If you have a favorite time management tool to recommend, share it in the comments!

Scheduling your time helps you keep consistent with everything from setting goals, like making time to exercise, to making sure you take breaks. We’ve all accidentally worked through lunch because distractions wouldn’t stop bombarding us from every conceivable direction.

The same is true for the schedule you set up for your association’s annual meeting. Taking the time to set aside time for networking, a common goal for many attendees, as well as ample breaks for coffee and meals, is part of keeping your annual meeting on track.

Of course, the educational sessions are the meat of your conference. Working out that part of the schedule is the most challenging, with so many moving pieces in play. Your trusty spreadsheet may help immensely with this task, but you have to wonder: Is there a better way?

Omnipress’ abstract management and paper collection system has the solution you didn’t even know you needed. Once abstracts have been submitted, reviewed, and accepted, the scheduling tool makes it easy to build your best meeting. The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you look at the schedule and switch things around quickly.

To make it even easier, start using the scheduling tool as early as possible. You can set up those breaks, networking receptions, and other events, like a 5K Run/Walk, and build the sessions around those known quantities. Before you know it, you’ll have crafted a well-balanced, exciting annual meeting, no spreadsheet required.

To learn more about the abstract management and paper collection system, try our free demo!

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