Think about your conference content—the whole process, leaving nothing out. Maybe you start with a call for papers, you work with one vendor to get your printed program squared away, another one for your online conference materials, and maybe a third for a conference app. All of the papers and abstracts have been collected and the wheels are turning to get them delivered to attendees, in print, online, and through an app.

So … you’re done, right? Everything is under control and there’s nothing else to worry about coming up to your annual meeting.

The answer is … maybe. If your association operates in the scientific, engineering, or medical field, you may be leaving an important aspect of your conference to chance—poster sessions.

Your focus may be on choosing session speakers and getting their content ready for distribution, but poster presenters bring valuable research to your annual meeting as well. Though these individuals may not be ready to support a full session, their findings are nonetheless important and worth a little time and attention.

Thankfully, Omnipress can be your single-source solution for poster presentations. (We can do the same for your accepted sessions, too.)

  • Poster collection: Use the same system to manage all submissions—abstracts, posters, final presentations, and more. The review process can help your committee determine which professionals are ready to develop a full session and which deserve some recognition, but on a smaller scale, like a poster presentation.
  • Poster printing: If you’ve ever looked around at posters and wished that quality standards were kept, you’re in luck. Recommend Omnipress as your preferred poster printer and your presenters will receive a discount off the prices found at (when they enter a special code). Your association can also receive a portion of the purchase price. (Contact us for details.) Codify the look of the posters and you’ll be pleased with the results when you walk through the hall where these presentations take place.
  • Online viewing: Give attendees the opportunity to see posters again after the conference, or a chance to see those they didn’t see in person. Presenters will appreciate the additional exposure online viewing provides.

Simplify your conference content tasks—for session and poster presentations—by working with one company that can handle it all. For more information on Omnipress’ suite of services for poster presentations, download the white paper!

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