If you’re preparing for a fall conference, you barely have time to read this post. You may be feeling overwhelmed and lost. You might wonder how you’re going to get everything done and still get home in time to tuck your kids in for bed, and that’s a very frustrating position to find yourself in.

The more you can push off your plate, the better, even if it’s going to cost a little more than you were planning to spend. Isn’t your sanity worth it?

Take formatting of printed materials for your conference, for example. If the thought of setting margins and fighting with image resolution makes you want to throw your computer monitor at the wall, you’re not alone.

Help is available! Your conference printer may offer formatting services. They’re going to have all of your content anyway, especially if you also worked with them for abstract management. Formatting is just one more step that you can entrust to your helpful provider.

Omnipress can handle the whole process—abstract management, formatting and/or design, and conference printing! Why should you ask us for help with formatting?

  1. Because organized information is important to you and your attendees. No one likes getting lost in the small print. A streamlined organizational structure will save time.
  2. Because a clean appearance speaks volumes. It’s hard to find the materials you need if your desk, or your conference program, is messy.
  3. Because Omnipress employs a team of experienced professionals. Nothing beats the advantage that experience provides. The Omnipress team has seen it all and can help make your conference materials look their best.
  4. Because a cooperative relationship with your print provider yields better results. Waiting for a provider to get back to you is the worst! Well, no, trying to come to an agreement on printed materials when your vendor just doesn’t get it—that’s what really frustrates you. Skip both roadblocks—work with Omnipress. Customer service is our thing. We know what it takes to get the job done so everyone comes out of the project with a positive result.
  5. Because better readability will help your attendees get more out of the conference content. How useful is your content, really, if it’s difficult to read? If formatting is more of a hindrance than a help, you’re doing a disservice to attendees. Great formatting makes content better, simply because it’s easier to read.

It’s crunch time for your fall conference. You need help, and you need it now. Improving your final product is the icing on the cake that Omnipress can provide. Your peace of mind and relief at getting out the door for some much-needed R&R is the primary objective.

Let us help you! Contact Omnipress today to get help with formatting and printing of your conference materials.

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