Americans and other citizens of the world vehemently protect their rights, especially when choices are threatened. This isn’t a political blog; we at Omnipress do, however, believe in the rights of conference attendees’ to choose how to consume event content.

Some of your attendees prefer print. Sure, they may be tethered to their devices and appreciate your mobile event app. They may have perused your event website to plan their days at your annual meeting. But when they arrive at the conference, they look around for the printed program.

Why? With so many digital choices, why do some people continue to turn to print? Well, it’s not just because it will look so nice on the bookshelf, next to previous years’ programs (though it will). Ironically, there’s something intangible about the physicality of print—its permanence, its prestige, and its purpose, to deliver knowledge to attendees.

Others value the experience of using printed programs, turning pages and taking notes, referring back to them in the future when thinking about next year’s conference. For some, accessing online content just doesn’t have the same feeling. It seems cold and sterile, which is a hollow tradeoff for convenience.

To offer the best of your conference to the most people, it pays to make all types of content available. Give the freedom of choice: printed program, flash drive, event website, or mobile event app. Which are most important? Which are crucial to offer? Isn’t the best choice of all to offer anything and everything that helps attendees connect with the content?

Perhaps one day our printers will stop humming, replaced by digital distribution of content. Some may see this as progress, but we see it as a loss. We believe there will always be a place for print in the role of delivering knowledge, and we know how to get it done for your association. If your members value print, offer them the freedom of choice—continue to print programs and proceedings.

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