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Think about your typical workday over the past month. How many of the items on your to-do list were truly focused on creating educational value for your learners? Odds are this number is smaller than you’d like. All those must-do tasks for your organization, like packing boxes, are necessary, but perhaps you wish someone else could take care of them so you could get back to doing the things you enjoy. After all, you joined your organization to do the “fun stuff”: brainstorming new courses, recruiting knowledgeable and engaging instructors and creating course content.

Fulfilling training materials takes up valuable time

For many training professionals, kitting training materials is one of those must-do tasks. Your instructors need these items put together, but actually doing it eats up a lot of your time and energy. A typical kit might include one instructor manual, 20 course books, 20 study guides, 20 exams, 25 Scantron sheets and 30 #2 pencils. If you have to pack up 30 of these kits and coordinate each shipment to a different location, your day is pretty well spoken for.

There are many reasons to outsource your fulfillment, and maybe custom kitting isn’t chief among them for you. But maybe it is. Maybe taking this necessary, yet time-consuming task off your plate would change how your organization thinks about handling print and fulfillment internally. Whatever it is that changes your mind, there will likely come a point when you realize that any money you might save by fulfilling training materials in-house just isn’t worth it anymore.

Your time is valuable. There are few (if any) organizations that have enough human resources to implement all of the ideas and goals the team can dream up. With time at a premium, who wants to spend that precious resource packing and shipping boxes?

Work with a reliable vendor that understands associations

The solution to your problem is finding a partner you can trust to handle these tasks on your behalf. If you have to babysit them, checking at every step that the correct materials have been shipped to the right place, you won’t be saving much time—or frustration.

Working with a talented team of professionals that understands how important your training program is to you—and the necessity of getting things done right the first time—is the best way to ensure that outsourcing your print and fulfillment will lead to the results you desire: less hassle for you and more time to spend improving your training program. You know, the fun stuff.

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