No matter which abstract management system you use, it can be complicated to learn. When you first get started—and maybe for weeks, months, and years after that—, you’re going to need some help.

Ideally, that help will come in the form of a dedicated project manager who will work with you every step of the way and be your contact person with questions and any issues that may arise. A dedicated project manager understands your association and your specific situation. They can set up your system to reflect the way you handle abstract management, adding custom fields and setting up a multi-step review process, or keeping the procedure as simple as possible for final paper collection.

You work closely with the project manager and come up with the best course of action for your association. When the two of you develop a strong working relationship, communication becomes easier and more open. Based on post-job surveys and case studies, it’s clear that meeting planners like you value the personalized customer service that dedicated project managers provide.

Omnipress’ team includes three project managers who specialize in abstract management: Brandon Butzler, Jill Taylor, and John Hinch (left to right, pictured above). Each of them brings unique skills and talent to the team, but they have one goal in common—a smooth abstract management experience for you.

They know the system inside out and can explain procedures to you in plain English, not tech-speak, so you can learn how to handle challenges on your own. Or, if you prefer, you can delegate tasks to them.

They can help you make sense of custom reports, help you set up forms to collect all the information you need from a submitter, teach you how to contact reviewers through the on-board email system, and much more. They’re here to help you with anything abstract management that’s troubling you.

Do you have a story about how Brandon, Jill, or John helped you with abstract management? Share your story in a comment below!

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