Picture a crowd of attendees at your conference. They have just a few minutes before the next break-out session starts; the whole space is buzzing with activity as attendees use the time to connect with colleagues back at the office, jot down a few notes from the previous session, and update social media.

How are the attendees completing all of these tasks quickly and efficiently? With their mobile devices, of course. Smartphones and tablets are as common at conferences as business cards these days. Getting and staying connected is simply the way we do business now.

So what is your association waiting for? Mobile devices nearly outnumber attendees at your conference, and you still don’t have an app? Get on there!

When your association uses an app, your conference becomes part of the flurry of activity that takes place between sessions. The notes being taken can live within the app. A tweet shout-out to an attendee’s network about the great session she just attended? The app made that easy, too. Checking the room number for the next session, messaging a fellow attendee to firm up dinner plans, and skimming the handouts from the plenary session—attendees can do all of this within a conference app.

Your attendees’ mobile devices are coming to your conference. Shouldn’t your app meet them there? See what Omnipress’ conference app can do—try the demo!

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