Bringing your corporate training content to the printed page is quite the process! Getting a course book print-ready often takes more time and patience than you may realize. There are margins to be set, a table of contents to create, images to place, and countless other tasks that can eat up hours of your valuable time. If you’d like to reallocate that time to improving your courses and creating new ones, you may want to look in to using a printer that can also provide formatting services.

The Omnipress team includes some crack project managers and project technicians who are more than up to the task of formatting your corporate training materials. When you provide them with a sample of a course book to use as a “blueprint” and the content for the current version, they begin to work their magic. Soon you’ll receive a proof of the new book, complete with your organization’s colors, logo, and feel, presented in a clean, clear way that leaves the focus where it should be—on your important content.

The value in a well-designed and –formatted book goes beyond the aesthetic. When a course book is created with little regard to formatting, the learners’ attention is compromised. It’s just like reading a web page with too many sidebars and pop-up ads; you can always tell when attention was—and was not—paid to the reader experience. This level of awareness and scrutiny comes at a price, though, and one that corporate training professionals can scarce afford—lots of time.

That’s why it makes sense to trust professionals who spend their days formatting and designing educational content for all types of organizations for events, training, and publications in a wide variety of industries. The Omnipress team of print project managers and project technicians have a combined total of 55 years of experience, handling dozens of projects each year.

The appearance and clarity of your corporate training materials is critical to the success of your courses and an important component of your learners’ retention. Formatting services, especially when paired with print from the same vendor, can make this goal easier to achieve, without having to take on this time-consuming task on your own. Reach out to Omnipress today to start the conversation!

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