Millennials and training

Not unlike event planners, training professionals struggle with how to deliver content. Do young adult learners want everything online, or is there still a place for printed training materials?

We were curious, too, so we asked Millennials to weigh in on the subject. Download our whitepaper, written specifically with training professionals in mind, for the full results. Here’s a preview, from the preface of Millennials & Training: How & Why Your Youngest Learners Read from the Printed Page:

Educational content is best delivered in print. To make your continuing education (CE) course or seminar as meaningful as possible, print is an important and necessary component. When it comes to association members taking CE courses, print is a best practice.

Strong views? Yes, but with experience and evidence to back them up, we stand by them. Associations have been tempted to stop printing course books, workbooks, and study guides. That would be a grave mistake.


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