When members plan to attend your annual meeting, they’ve got sessions on their minds. What will I learn this year? Which sessions should I attend to come back to the office with the most takeaways and practical, apply-it-on-Monday tips? Would it be better to catch more big-picture, philosophical discussions? Or is it best to try for a mix of sessions to gain perspectives on both?

To help attendees answer these questions and more, you deliver session information ahead of time. The program information can be delivered in many ways: an advance program, an event website, and a mobile event app.

An advance program works well as a marketing tool, offering potential attendees a glimpse of the great event in the not-too-distant future. Your members will enjoy flipping through the program, previewing the annual meeting and visualizing themselves enjoying a rewarding experience.

An event website offers much of the same information as the advance program, in a convenient online format. Not only does this give members an opportunity to connect with your association when the program isn’t nearby, it also makes the session information available to search engines, expanding the reach of your event.

A mobile event app allows potential attendees to take a more active role in planning their experience at your conference. In addition to complete program information, the mobile event app lets users set up a personal itinerary and even set alerts to remind them to attend important sessions.

The convenience of the mobile event app is even more apparent during the event itself. Attendees appreciate having a personal itinerary available at their fingertips, on the devices that is almost always within arm’s reach.

Each content delivery method you use prior to your event will increase attendee anticipation and excitement. Used in combination, an advance program, event website, and mobile event app will make your annual meeting the can’t-miss professional development event of the year for your industry.

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