Earlier this month, Samantha Whitehorne penned an excellent article, posted to the blog Associations Now, an online publication of The American Society for Association Executives. In Managing Meeting Content, Whitehorne reflected on event content. How can associations better leverage the vast amount of content created for an event? Could the answer lie in the mobile apps many associations use for these events, that are often used for just a month and then deleted?

It’s worth considering. In fact, it may qualify as a no-brainer that has been long overlooked.

And who can blame busy association professionals for that? After a conference that they’ve spent months planning every aspect of, meeting planners are ready to call it good and move on. But washing your hands clean of a recent event—even a very successful one—means limiting the potential of the excellent content created for the event.

With these issues in mind, Omnipress has created its new EventCMS, a suite of services that helps associations leverage the strategic value of event content before, during, and after the conference or meeting.

The EventCMS has you covered, no matter how you plan to distribute content, including:

Enjoy the convenience of a complete event content solution! Imagine how easy it is to contact just one vendor to help you solve all the challenges you face as you decide how to deliver event information.

Commenters on Whitehorne’s post agreed that when mobile apps lie dormant between the end of one year’s conference and the beginning of registration for the next, it’s a missed opportunity. That’s true—with an app, you have an audience that is already interested in what you do and the experiences and information you offer.

Capitalize on this attention by keeping information active and new content coming. Get members excited for next year: Announce speakers as you book them. Promote sponsors from the time they sign up. Who says you have to wait for the event to start or for the programs to be printed? Each new nugget of information about Your Conference 2014 will build excitement.

One commenter offered a caution, suggesting a strategic approach to content distribution between conferences. There’s a thin line between providing useful information and essentially spamming members with too much marketing, too often.

Point taken. There must be some thought behind what is added and how often. Still, it’s hard to look at this opportunity to engage members and hold it at arm’s length for fear of coming on too strong. There’s too much potential for great gains and bringing true, lasting value to association members.

Keep an eye on the blog for the next few weeks. We’ll address other topics related to the new EventCMS suite of services. In the meantime, we welcome your comments!

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