Like everyone these days, I’m looking for more value from the things I spend money on — mine or my company’s. For example, I receive invitations to a lot of seminars and workshops. They promise in one day I’ll learn to be an expert in product development or get the secrets behind online shopping behaviors. That’s fine and dandy, but when I’m trying to decide which seminar to go to, I will evaluate the value that I’m getting for the registration fee.

Assuming the speakers and event location are comparable, I’ll look to see if they include any extras. Let’s look at three scenarios for example:

Seminar A: Offers just offer handouts online to download

Seminar B: Offers a printed workbook on site

Seminar C: Offers the printed workbook and session handouts, plus a searchable CD or flash drive of all the training material.

The more you can provide your attendees, the better.

Seminar “C” makes the education more accessible after the fact, allows me to follow along. Ultimately, it has more value. On top of that, maybe they offer a supplemental workbook that goes into a related topic. Bingo – I’ve found the class that pays for itself.

People (including me) love packages, kits and bundles.

When I buy a product that includes some type of added value, I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Fast food restaurants perfected the approach with their “value meal” bundles, selling the main dishes with a side item and a drink and forever eliminating the need to ask, “Do you want fries with that?”

If I were in the training business or a seminar coordinator looking to find a hook to get more people to my sessions, I’d bundle products both during and after the seminar. Most seminar companies produce a workbook for an event, and they may sell the book after the conference. But the same book may sell better (and attract more attendees) if it’s bundled with other workbooks or access to the material online.

The trick is putting together a package that your audience will truly value. And if you’re working with the right vendor for the production and fulfillment of your educational materials, chances are repurposing these materials into other formats or printing more copies of an existing resource won’t be a huge expense. In the end, the value you create will earn you more money than it will cost.

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