It’s not easy to choose the right abstract management system for your association. Even after you make the decision of which provider to use, you may have options of different plans. Pretty soon, confusion sets in, and you’d rather just not think about it for a while.

Don’t get discouraged! We can help you sort through your options to find just the right fit for your association and your process. Once you work this out, you can rest assured that you can choose the same thing next year, or a different one.

With Omnipress’ abstract management and paper collection system, you have three options: Silver, Silver Lite, and Silver Lite with Review. Let’s go through each of them so you can make the most informed decision about how to move your association forward and collect all of your valuable association’s conference content.


The Silver Package includes a 15-month site license, making this the best choice for association with a long or complicated review process. Medical and scientific groups tend to fall under this umbrella; they often need multiple rounds of reviewing and other time-consuming processes. The 15-month license allows for that kind of freedom.

When you have a longer license, you can advertise your call for papers at a 2015 conference for 2016! Hand out small cards this year with a submission site, or QR code that points to it, while excitement is still high from this year’s annual meeting.

Another advantage to the silver package is the scheduling tool, which is not available at the other levels discussed. The streamlined interface lets you drag-and-drop sessions into place as they are accepted.

Silver Lite with Review
The perfect choice when a review process is needed, but not overly complicated, is Silver Lite with Review. The site license is eight months: long enough to do a thorough job, but not so lengthy as to add significant cost to your abstract management system.

If your review process is more straight-forward and shorter (one round instead of multiple, for example), Silver Lite with Review may be the best choice for your association.

Silver Lite
Associations who use an abstract management system only for the collection of final presentations, Silver Lite is the way to go. With the shortest site license, at four months, Silver Lite does not allow enough time for a review process. This option is often chosen by associations with invited speakers.


All packages include one year of read-only access after the annual meeting is over.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend giving yourself, your submitters, and your reviewers ample wiggle room. It’s not uncommon to need more time you originally anticipated. If you think you might need more time, it’s best to go up to the next type of license.

You do have the option of adding months to a shorter license, but it’s easier and cheaper to start with a longer license than you think you might need. Keep this in mind especially if you start at Silver Lite with Review and find the scheduling tool compelling.

For more information on the different packages Omnipress offers, reach out to an account manager! We would be happy to help you determine the best abstract management options for your association.

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