Now that we’re unofficially into summer, with Memorial Day weekend in the rear-view mirror, spring cleaning may not be a top priority for you anymore. Good riddance! Sometimes you just have to accept that your home and your desk are what they are and resolve to do a better job keeping on top of the clutter going forward.

But if you’re like many other meeting planners, you may have forgotten to spring clean your conference content. Oops! It’s not too late to get started, of course, but if you’d rather hand that job off to someone else to take care of, it might be helpful to know that Omnipress can take care of formatting your conference content to get it print-ready.

Simply send us a blueprint (last year’s program, for example). That gives us a good idea of the structure and appearance you want. The Omnipress team takes your conference content (bonus points if you’ve already worked with us for abstract management and paper collection!) and performs their special brand of magic to make it work with the blueprint you provided.

When formatting is done right, readers are drawn to important content and find it easier to read. A clean, streamlined appearance also aids readability. Keeping the end-user’s experience in mind, the Omnipress team focuses on organizing information to be the most useful to the attendees of your association’s annual meeting.

If spring cleaning your association’s conference content slipped through the cracks, work with the professionals on the Omnipress team to take care of formatting your printed program for you.

In fact, it might you might save time and energy by having a professional clean and organize your home and office, too. Something to consider for next spring!

In the meantime, your conference content must get into the hands of your attendees, preferably with little fuss and muss on your part. Trust Omnipress to handle your abstract management, formatting, and conference printing, and you’ll have streamlined the process and made life easier for yourself. Add in online conference materials, a conference app, USBs, and/or CDs, and you’ll have all of your conference content handled under one roof.

Could we help you with the design or formatting of your conference content? Let us know!

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