Modern life is fast-paced. Between work and family obligations, many people have a hard time fitting in professional development, even if they’re motivated to earn certification or pick up a new skill. Those who do manage to register for a course may find it nearly impossible to set aside quality study time. The result can be a disjointed approach to learning: read a little bit whenever you get the chance.

This catch-as-catch-can approach only works best if your continuing education (CE) training materials meet your learners where they live, work, and play. No, you don’t have to deliver your course individually in each person’s living room. But your CE content should be able to travel with them so they can learn whenever and wherever they get a chance to do so.

Many CE professionals mistakenly respond by providing an online-only approach to learning. But you might want to take a minute to reflect first. Many studies suggest that reading the printed page leads to better comprehension and retention than reading on a screen. Appeal to the best of both worlds—modern-day convenience and best practices for long-term learning—by offering your course participants both print and digital materials.

Omnipress helps associations offer CE materials in print and online to facilitate learning anywhere. Contact us to learn more.

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