When you hear streamlined, what do you think of? An aerodynamic sports car? The flattering cut of an A-line skirt with no fuss or frills? Or an easy process with all of the usual stumbling blocks removed?

If you seek a streamlined process for your conference printing, you’ll find that Omnipress fits the bill. This works especially well when you pair your print order with other services that we offer.

Abstract management is a good example.
When Omnipress handles your abstract management and paper collection (which can encompass all aspects of the process—submission, review, and management), we’ll help you set up the system to collect all of the information you need for your conference printing and any other outputs you plan to offer attendees. It makes sense to print with us when we have collected the conference content; likewise, it makes sense to use Omnipress for abstract management when you plan to use our printing services. Just as it is with a patchwork quilt, so is it with your conference content—the pieces often work better together than they do on their own.

Formatting is another service that plays well with conference printing.
The abstract management system may have all of the elements of your conference content, but there must also be a means to organize and lay out the information in a way that attendees can easily understand it. Just supply us with a sample of last year’s conference program and we’ll take it from there.

Online conference materials, conference apps, and USBs—all other conference outputs you want to add to a printed program or proceedings.
You’d be forgiven if you think of “Omnipress” and “printer” as synonymous. Conference printing is an essential component of our business. It is not, however, all we have to offer associations. Over the last several years, we have expanded our digital services to include online conference materials, conference apps, CDs, and USBs. Once we have your conference content, especially when it was collected through our abstract management system, we can help you with all sorts of outputs. And the more options your association offers, the more your attendees get out of your annual meeting.

Anytime you can slice items off of your to-do list, you’ll feel calmer. When you work with one provider for all of your conference content needs, you won’t have as many calls to make to keep things on track. That means fewer loose ends to tie up. Less follow-up that you have to be responsible for.

If you meet certain criteria, you can take advantage of Omnipress’ incentive program. (Criteria include: Sign a proposal for conference services by June 30th; and complete final invoicing by December 31st. Find complete requirements at omnipress.com.)

Earn one of four incentives:

  • 11” MacBook Air
  • Dell XPS 13 (Non-Touch)
  • 2 airline vouchers ($500 each)
  • $1,000 off of your project

The best incentive of all, included with every Omnipress project, is a smooth, hassle-free process. We work hard to put procedures in place to make things easier for you.

To learn more, read our white paper, Best Practices in Conference Content Planning & Production. Then contact us to get started!

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