Is it time your content engine got a tune-up?

How can you tell? Here are a few clues:

  • Attendees have been requesting a conference app and/or online access to content. People are spending more and more time online and on mobile devices. Your association’s conference content should be available there!
  • Your conference content budget has not seen an increase in several years. Are your content offerings in a holding pattern? Remember, content is the engine that moves your meeting—and your attendees. Give it the resources it deserves!
  • Printed programs have been less popular lately. Maybe the shiny, new technologies attract attendees’ attention more than the stalwart conference program. If so, it might be time to offer fewer programs and focus on offering online access to conference content.
  • Printed programs have been more popular lately. In a recent survey we conducted, millennials showed a preference for printed materials for educational content. If you have found that professionals young and not-so-young prefer printed programs or proceedings, make sure you have enough available.
  • Your association offers only one way to access conference content. Just as you don’t offer a single appetizer at the opening reception for your association’s annual meeting, you should give attendees a choice on how they consume conference content. One size does not fit all.
  • Your competition gives attendees more content outputs than your association does. Do other associations in your industry offer more avenue to conference content, like an app, online conference materials, a USB, and printed materials? It may be time to step up your game—or lose members to an organization that already has.


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