Over the last few weeks, we’ve written quite a bit on this blog about CATALYST, our new abstract management system. Today is your chance to finally see why we are so excited about it!

Designed for meeting planners, by meeting planners.

CATALYST is such an exciting announcement for us to share with the meeting planner community because they have played such an important role in designing it.

We’ve been helping associations bring remarkable content to their conferences over the past 40 years. During this time, we’ve learned what they need in a collection system to be successful. We’ve also seen how their submitters use it (or don’t use it…until the last minute!). These insights began shaping CATALYST long before the first line of code was ever written. It truly is designed to help meeting planners collect the educational content for their conferences because their experiences designed it.

The excitement is contagious!

We’ve also seen a lot of excitement from meeting planners themselves as they experience a demo of CATALYST for the first time. Their excitement comes when they that see a time-consuming, manual task they dread doing every year now can be automated. What was once “that’s just the way it is,” suddenly becomes “that’s not the way is has to be.”

Or maybe their excitement comes when they see that the new interface and forms are much more intuitive than in their old system. That means that they will be spending less time on answering support questions from confused submitters. Even simple things like having individual log-ins and automated password resets have a tendency to bring out an “Oh, that’s great!” response from veteran planners.

See for yourself.

The video above is just the beginning of how CATALYST can help you bring high-quality educational content to your conference. Drop us a line and we’d be happy to talk with you about how CATALYST could improve your specific process. We can also schedule a time to walk you through all that the system is capable of.

When you think about it, other than the manual, repetitive tasks you dread doing, what do you have to lose?

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