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Before you select an inventory management system, you need to know which features will make your organization most efficient. Watch Dan Loomis explain how two features can work together to make manually counting the number of materials in your warehouse a thing of the past. They can even be set up so that when inventory gets low, replacement copies are automatically ordered. Talk about efficiency!



Dan Loomis: Welcome to Dan’s Corner, and today, we’re going to answer some questions about inventory management systems that I get very frequently.

Today’s topic: selecting an inventory management system and a few key features to focus on.

Obviously, you’re going to want to monitor what you have on the shelf.

You’re going to want to see what products are moving and which products are not moving.

And you’re going to want to consider integration with your AMS or any other database or maybe on an online store that’s going to send that order to your fulfillment system.

One of the key features I like to focus on is making sure that you have a replenish point set up and using that system to help manage your time and create efficiencies for your organization.

Let me explain what that means.

If you set up a product replenish point for something that’s sitting on a shelf, the system can automatically notify you via email that a product has hit a certain minimum level.

A key feature that goes along with that is a reorder point.

The reorder point works with the replenish point. When a replenish point is met, so the minimum is on the shelf, the reorder point will automatically trigger an action.

Generally, that action is going to be to reprint a certain quantity.

For example, you have a 200 minimum replenish point. You can set a reorder point of 100, and at that point, 100 quantity will be reprinted and restocked on your shelves.

You don’t have to spend time monitoring the system and putting in another order for a print run. The system’s going to do that for you.

I hope you find this helpful. I’m Dan Loomis, Product Director at Omnipress. Thank you for your time.

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