How would you describe your online system for collecting abstracts, reviews and final presentations?

A. It’s as flexible as my yoga instructor!

B. It’s as stiff as a board!

C. Does collecting via my email count as an online system?

Managing Abstracts and Final Presentations is Easy-Peasy

If you answered A:
Congratulations! Collecting abstracts, final presentations and managing your reviewers and submissions should make your life easier. It should
be adaptable to your process, not the other way around.

An Online Collection System That Doesn’t Bend

If you answered B:
Are you compromising your collection and reviewing process because your system isn’t flexible enough?

  • Are you using two or more systems because you can’t find one to take care of the whole job?
  • Are you limited to certain types of fields you’re using to collect materials?
  • Are you not able to stagger deadlines for different types of submissions?
  • Are you not able to communicate with authors and organize their materials easily?
  • Are you not able to export the data you want, when you want it?
  • Are you getting nickeled and dimed for customized programming?

Guess what? Your abstract system doesn’t need to be this rigid. A truly robust system for collecting and managing you call for papers and review process will be flexible enough to adapt to your unique process (without you having to be the flexible one).

Your online collection and review system should help you collect, organize, review and produce:

  • Abstracts
  • Proposals
  • Final papers and manuscripts
  • Disclosures and copyright releases
  • Session handouts and presentations
  • Speaker information, photos and biographies
  • A/V information
  • Session scheduling

Using Email to Manage Your Collection Process?

If you answered C:

You may want to read this article: Email to Collect Final Presentations… Really?

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