“I would not be able to learn or work efficiently with digital materials.”

“I can remember an exact area of a topic that I read easier with a physical text than with a digital text.”

“I prefer printed materials because I am able to highlight, mark up, and job my own notes down next to things that are important.”

“I … like turning the pages in a book and seeing how much I have accomplished reading.”

These are quotes of people who prefer print for learning. That description fits many of your association members, but you may be surprised to learn that all of these statements were written by millennials, age 22-33.

To learn more about how young professionals view print, we wrote the questions, with millennials and worked with another company to administer the survey to volunteer participants between the ages of 22-33. These individuals may or may not belong to a professional association; their identities remain a mystery.

Download the white paper to read the full results. Here are a few highlights to whet your appetite:

  • When asked to how they prefer to read something they need to learn, 50% chose printed materials. By contrast, only 18% picked digital.
  • Over half (59%) agreed completely that it is easier to learn from printed materials.
  • When asked how much they agree with this statement—When I attend a professional conference, I want a printed program book—, 53% agreed. Another 30% had no opinion, which means that only 17% disagreed.


Now is not the time to stop providing printed materials at your association events. Your youngest members, which are the very future of your organization, have shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that print is important to them. Show them that you value their opinion: make conference printing part of you 2015 plans.

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