When you think of collection, does it make you tremble with fear? Does a cold shiver run down your spine? Or, less dramatically, do you feel a little trepidation and anxiety?

Online abstract collection, management, and review don’t have to be scary! If you’ve been handling collection manually (by mail or email), it’s time to come out of the dark, shadowy dread of that process and see the light. An online abstract management system helps you handle collection and review efficiently.

Welcome to abstract management with Omnipress!

  • Say goodbye to the endless email conversations that leave reviewers and staff members with more questions than answers.
  • Forget the struggle that comes when a submitter forgets to send along key documents.
  • Bid adieu to the annoying task of preparing all of the final papers for the printed program or event website.

See? Not scary at all. And you don’t have to work yourself to death, like today’s poster girl did. This process sounds downright … manageable.

Add in Omnipress’ top-notch customer service, and your abstract collection process loses its teeth. Much like that nice guy dressed up as a zombie at tonight’s Halloween party, it just takes a little finessing to turn something frightful into something that might just work out in your favor.

Wishing you the happiest Halloween! Don’t be afraid to give Omnipress a call!

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