Omnipress is happy to bring you March Conference Madness! Last week, 40 meeting planners like you voted on what drives them mad. With their help, we’ve narrowed the field to four options:

  • It seems like everyone you work with has champagne taste—and you’re working with a beer budget. Are you the only one who thinks about managing costs? Sometimes, unfortunately, you have to be “the bad guy” and bring up the budget when a colleague’s eyes are bigger than their stomach.
  • Another presenter gave you their final materials after the deadline, and now you have to call three different vendors to update the app, the website, and the printed program. For the fourth time this week! Those late submissions are enough to drive any meeting planner mad. To make it a little easier on yourself, work with a provider that handles all of your outputs—print, website, and app—so you only have one call to make with updates.
  • A CVB calls you out of the blue and tries to monopolize half an hour with their sales pitch. You don’t have time for that! Unsolicited sales pitches are the phone call equivalent of spam emails—the worst! If you don’t recognize the number, voicemail is your first line of defense.
  • You’ve called your conference printer three times this week and no one has gotten back to you. There’s no excuse for bad customer service. This lack of response would drive anyone mad! Meeting planners need to hear back quickly more than others, because deadlines are always coming at you full-speed. If your printer can’t keep up … well, maybe that shouldn’t be your printer anymore.

Let’s take this madness to the next level: the championship! Here’s the schedule for the remainder of our March Conference Madness:

  • Monday, 3/28 – Vote between the two remaining answers to determine the winner!
  • Friday, 4/1 – Voting closes
  • Monday, 4/4 – Winner is announced

Visit this page to vote, or go to our Facebook page and click on the March Conference Madness tab.

What drives you mad about delivering conference content? In our State of the Industry report, over 150 meeting planners answered the question. See their answers and read the full report!

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