How should you provide professional and educational content to learners? Many variables factor in to the answer, including budget, types of content covered, and method of instruction. Printed materials are a best practice for educational content and should be included in your plans. In fact, printed course books are widely considered to be the best format for effective learning.

Supplemental materials can be delivered in other formats, though, and some content works best that way. It makes sense, for example, to deliver video tutorials as part of an online library of resources. Interactive polls also work well in this format.

Some students prefer to access course content on a computer. Offer CDs or USBs to give them a chance to supplement their printed materials with digital resources. When you give learners multiple avenues to important information, retention improves.

Your printed training materials, whether they cover content for a certification course or a curriculum for a homeschooling program, are the cornerstone of your class. Consider delivering content online or through physical digital media (CDs, DVDs, and USBs) to supplement the critical course content you present in print.

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