Last week on the blog, we highlighted how to handle scientific poster content before, during, and after events.

But what should be done with printed posters when the event is over? That depends on what the poster is made of… and how crafty your poster presenters are.

Jessica Polka from ASCB shares her recommendations in the fun article, “Six Uses for Old Posters.” Here are a few highlights to share with your poster presenters:

  • Keep it! Send the poster back home and have it on hand in case you’re asked to present again. For a classier display, frame the poster above your desk.
  • Display it! Use your poster as wall art outside the lab. In addition to giving research new life, posters could become conversation-starters for new students or recruits on a tour.
  • Wear it! Fabric posters can be turned into a scarf! Don’t be afraid to get creative.

A few more ideas to consider:

  • Home décor. A framed poster may be a bit much for your living room, but it might be a good match for a home office or other internal room like an exercise area. This might not be practical for a grad student living in a college town, but if you hold on to the poster now, you can use the poster as home décor later.
  • Art project. If you’re willing to barbecue your baby, so to speak, take a pair of scissors to your poster and engage in some art therapy. Cut out the most important parts—logo, authors, graphs, etc.—and rearrange them creatively with other images from trade magazines or your colleagues’ poster presentation.

Your poster presenters work hard on their research and carry posters to your annual event with pride. After the session, it’s a shame to see so many posters unceremoniously recycled. Give your poster presenters these ideas so they can leave your annual event, poster in tow, experiencing the same excitement and giddy anticipation they felt coming in.

Much of that pride is born with the research and writing, of course, but when the poster looks professional and crisp, presenters’ confidence goes through the roof. If the younger members of your association feel that good after a poster session, they’ll associate their success with not only their own research prowess but also with your association.

Work with a printer that knows the association industry, like Omnipress, and you’ll get a poster you can be proud of for years to come and a print experience that’s easy and hassle-free.

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