Do you ever wonder how meteorologists get away with being wrong so often? Their weather predictions are usually in the ballpark, but sometimes … well, sometimes it’s a very big ballpark. It doesn’t take too long for a forecast of 3-5 inches of snow to become 1-3—or 4-7, for that matter.

Sometimes it feels the same way when you’re predicting print quantities for your association’s continuing education (CE) program. You have a basic idea of how many people will probably sign up for a class that’s in its fifth year, so your guesstimates might be fairly accurate. But what if a new class is unexpectedly breaking registration records? Or a course that has had consistent registration numbers in the past suddenly drops by 20%, for no apparent reason?

Even with the best Doppler radar or finger on the pulse of the state of CE in your industry, no one can predict the future flawlessly. So give yourselves—and meteorologists—a break. The easiest way to manage your printed CE materials without wasting time, money, and resources is to choose print on demand.

Some people are hesitant to try print on demand because of the higher cost per unit, but the truth is that you may save money if your content changes frequently. Say you print 1,000 books, in a single print run, at a per-unit cost of $2.50 ($2,500 total). You sell 600 books ($1,500 worth) before content changes need to be made, rendering the last 400 books useless. That’s $1,000 left on the table! If you have multiple titles with content changes, the waste is even greater.

If the books had been printed on demand, on the other hand, just 600 books would be produced and distributed before the content changed. Even at a slightly higher per-unit cost of $4.00, that comes to $2,400, with no books or money wasted.

Omnipress has helped dozens of associations move to print on demand for their CE materials. Talk to us and we’ll help you get to the number that’s just right for you.

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