When it comes to managing abstracts and collecting final presentations for an annual meeting, many associations try to handle the process with an email inbox and a spreadsheet. Once your association and its conference grows beyond a certain point, though, that “solution” cause more problems than it solves. That tends to be when we hear from associations looking for an online abstract management system to streamline the process and save many hours of valuable staff time.

Some are so pleased with the system’s capabilities that they see applications beyond abstracts and papers. Once you find a system that works well, after all, you might as well milk it for all it’s worth. Take a look at these three examples and think outside the box for ways your organization could leverage the system.

  1. Bentley Systems Inc. holds a global competition during its annual Year in Infrastructure Conference, showcasing projects that were designed, built, and/or operated using the company’s software. Using Omnipress’ abstract management system, participants submitted their projects and judges narrowed the field to three finalists in each category. Knowing the finalists but not the winners when they arrived at the conference, attendees were inspired to learn more and use Bentley’s products to spark their own creative ideas. (For the full story, read the case study!)
  2. The College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) at Colorado State University uses the abstract management system to collect grant applications as well as abstracts for its annual meeting. According to CVMBS’ College Research Coordinator, Aimee Oke, “The same process we use for conferences applies to other areas as well.” Handling the 40+ grant applications on a manual basis became too cumbersome, so CVMBS started another abstract management site to handle them. “Anything that fits this process can be built with the same system,” Aimee says. (Read the complete case study here.)
  3. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) counts on Omnipress to produce two versions of its policy book—printed and online. In addition to that important publication, AARP works with Omnipress for abstract management, though that has nothing to do with the policy book or any annual meeting. Instead, board nominations are submitted and managed using the same system many associations use to keep track of abstracts and final presentations for annual meetings. (Read AARP’s Statement of Support, regarding the policy book.)

Many associations work with Omnipress for their abstract management and paper collection needs; some look beyond the intended use and find other ways to incorporate the system to make tasks easier and more streamlined, saving you time and money. However you choose to approach the items your association needs collected, reviewed, and managed, I hope you’ll take a look at our system and determine how it could work for you. To see it in action, try the abstract collection demo!

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