Between Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month, we think about matters of the heart a lot in February. For this month’s column, I’ve been reflecting on how love plays out for Omnipress. There’s a lot of love in this company, after all, which led me to this conclusion: Members of the Omnipress team share a love of serving associations.

How do we love our jobs? Let’s count the (three) ways:

  1. We love seeing our customers succeed. Planning an association’s annual meeting is a complicated, multi-step process. The meeting planners we work with always seem a bit overwhelmed, and we marvel at their ability to keep everything running smoothly. Omnipress specializes in one of the many tasks on your plate. That means you don’t have to be the conference content expert! We’re here to help, and we find it so gratifying to help make your meeting more successful. Our mission is to help you deliver upon yours.
  1. We love serving a higher purpose. “Delivering knowledge” is our mantra, and we take it seriously. We’re thrilled to play a part in delivering knowledge to professionals around the country (and the globe!), in a wide variety of industries. We love our customers because they help us make a real difference in the world.
  1. We love making your life easier. In working with so many meeting planners, we’ve come to understand how stressful your job can be. But we also recognize that you find the joy in making everything come together, even if the process can be challenging. The Omnipress team is committed to making your workday (and therefore your life) a little easier by simplifying conference content.

We asked meeting planners about their conference goals, budget predictions, and conference content formats they offer in our 2016 State of the Industry survey. The results reminded us of a fact we already knew well: The meeting planners we serve are passionate about their work. What do you love most about associations and planning their meetings? Leave us a comment!

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