Your attendees love being able to access your association’s conference materials online. There are plenty of features built into Omnipress’ system for them, including full-text and faceted search capabilities, multiple display options (by schedule, speaker, and track, for instance), and responsive design, which means that the site looks great, regardless of the device used to view it.

But what’s in it for you?

Our online conference materials offer features that benefit the association staff as well as the end users. These hidden, “back-door” features will make it easier for you to bring your attendees the online access they crave.

  1. System integration: Our system plays well with others, including your AMS and registration system. This gives seamless access for attendees and cuts down on double-entry for your staff.
  2. Google analytics: Track users’ interactions with the site to learn more about what they value. Use that data to make informed decisions for future conferences.
  3. eCommerce options: Who doesn’t need another source of non-dues revenue? Offer access to content to those who couldn’t attend the annual meeting for a fee and you’ll have one!
  4. Subscription management: Here’s another opportunity to generate revenue while giving members access to the content they value. Offer annual or lifetime subscriptions. Got other creative ideas for subscription management? Just ask!
  5. Administrative access: Our system is easy for your association staff to manage, whether it’s being used by a seasoned association professional or a part-time volunteer. No programming experience is needed and the interface is very user-friendly.
  6. Access control: Your association gets to decide who gets to see what. Does someone with a certain membership level get unlimited access? Are attendees the only people who can view online content for the first 30 days after your annual meeting? However you decide to break it down, we’ll do our best to make it happen.

The best systems for online conference materials offer features that both administrators and end users will appreciate. To learn more about how this fits in to Omnipress’ conference content ecosystem, download our white paper Best Practices in Conference Content Planning & Production.

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