When you think about how to handle your association’s next call for papers, consider the experience of all three groups that will use an abstract management system: submitters, reviewers, and staff.

Too often, a system is built for one type of user, which means that it can be headache for others to get the job done.

Using email to respond to a call for paper is easy for a submitter, because there is just one message to send. Reviewers might have a hard time keeping track of their responsibilities in a sea of other emails.

A “home-grown” abstract management system, on the other hand, might have an intuitive user interface for reviewers, but require complicated work-arounds and double entry for the association staff. After all, your IT staff only has so much time to devote to building that system, so any back-end tasks may fall into the “nice to have” category.

When you begin with the end in mind, you build a system that works for everyone—submitters, reviewers, and you. Omnipress’ Abstract Management and Paper Collection System has enviable features for all types of users.

Submitters appreciate:

  • Format flexibility: Upload any type of file of any size.
  • Start now, submit later: Authors can begin a submission, save a draft, and come back later to finish it.
  • Technical support: Omnipress project managers can field questions about the submission process so you don’t have to.

Reviewers love:

  • Clean design: If the same reviewers come back year after year, they’ll recognize the streamlined system they enjoyed using last year.
  • Review forms: Guidelines for scoring, found in the same system where the submissions live.
  • Rolling review: The system can be set up to “seal” submissions after they come in, so reviewers can get started as soon as the first author’s abstract is received.

You’ll be happy about:

  • Custom fields: Ask for what you need up front and skip the follow-up. Ask for bios, pictures, and even A/V requirements as part of the submission process.
  • Seamless communication: The onboard email platform includes helpful templates to remind submitters about outstanding drafts and reviewers to complete scoring by the deadline.
  • Simple scheduling: Drag and drop the accepted presentations right into the scheduling tool! If you work with us for your printed program, too, we’ll have most of what we need without extra work on your part.

Choose an abstract management system that appeals to ALL users! Omnipress has your submitters, reviewers, and association staff covered. To see the system in action, try the demo!

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