Our clients excel at making the most of their resources, and their approach to abstract management is no exception. Beyond the abstracts and papers themselves, for example, many associations also collect final presentations. It only makes sense: you’re already working with a site manager who understands your organization and its goals for your event. Why collect the final product any other way?

I encourage event planners to think beyond abstracts, papers, and final presentations. What else do you need from your presenters? Bios? Copyright information? Anything you have been asking for outside of the abstract collection system can be more easily obtained within the system.

Before I list out some of the items you can collect with Omnipress, let’s consider timing. As Bob Hamm said in his video series on abstract management, it’s important to keep the end in mind when planning your collection process.

Ask for everything you need at the beginning. Why worry about chasing down information later on when you can ask for it with the initial submission? Put the onus of locating those additional items on the submitter, not on you after presenters have been accepted. Come three weeks before the event, when you’re overwhelmed with 367 other details, you’ll be glad you had thought ahead.

  1. A/V requirements
  2. Acceptance to speak/appear
  3. Biographies
  5. Continuing education (CE)/Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  6. Copyright releases
  7. Final formatted papers
  8. Final presentations
  9. Financial/relationship disclosures
  10. Invited speakers
  11. Keywords
  12. Learning objectives
  13. Papers
  14. Photos
  15. Post-presentation questions
  16. References
  17. Resume/CV
  18. Session day/time/room
  19. Session introduction
  20. Speaker contract
  21. Speaking availability
  22. Speaking experience
  23. Special requests
  24. Submission (or other) fees
  25. Symposia
  26. Sessions
  27. Videos
  28. Workshops

Collect all the information you want from your submitter at one time, within a single system, and you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle as your event draws near.

What does your association collect? Whatever you need, Omnipress can make it easy to get it and keep it organized. Contact us today to get started.

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