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Last week, our blog featured a subject that is very near and dear to me: 5 Ways to Continue the Learning After the Conference. As the CEO of a business that serves meeting planners, I spend a considerable amount of time attending meetings and conferences myself. I love to get out and meet our customers and industry partners. I love to collect firsthand knowledge about the challenges and opportunities that associations face. And most importantly, I love to learn—from subject matter experts, and from my peers. It’s how I continue to grow professionally, and how I ensure that Omnipress continues to deliver value to our customers, even as the landscape changes.

When I return to my office I feel energized, invigorated, and excited to put new wisdom into practice. But how long does that energy and momentum last after the conference? Unfortunately, not long enough.

I once read that an estimated two-thirds of learning and/or training gained through conferences and other educational sessions will be lost within 6 months without ongoing reinforcement. I can personally attest that, even with the absolute best intentions, we all get caught up in our own daily activities, leaving little time to put the learning from a conference into practice.

Stepping out onto our production floor, peering through the pallets upon pallets of printed knowledge, hot off the presses, it’s evident that there is an incredible volume of content that is developed for meetings. I couldn’t help but think about all of the time that has been invested in developing, packaging and distributing all of this content, and what a shame it is to know that up to two-thirds could be forgotten. Unless….

We work with many associations that have successfully lengthened the shelf life of their conference materials by making them accessible through a dedicated website that houses all past, current and future conference content. They use this website to drive a content marketing strategy that provides ongoing visibility and reinforcement of key topics to attendees throughout the year through while at the same time generating interest for next year’s conference.

How is your association maintaining visibility for your content after the conference? Do you have any tactics that have proven successful? Share the learning here by leaving a comment. Or, if you’re looking to implement a strategy for the first time, let us know. We can share some thoughts on what others are doing.

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