These days, it seems like everyone is time-crunched and overbooked. When we visit a website for information, we want an easy, streamlined experience. We want to find what we need and get on with our day.

When it comes to online event content, your attendees want the same thing. They are looking for information about your event—sessions, speakers, abstracts—and they don’t want to have to work too hard to find it. It can’t take forever to load, either, because no one has time for that.

Have you seen an Omnipress’ event website lately? After a recent update, the site looks better than ever and offers attendees everything they need to prepare for your event.

Sessions can be sorted many different ways: by track, chronologically, alphabetically by session title, and even by paper title. Speakers and sessions are connected, so attendees can look up a speaker and find the session that person will present, or find a session that looks promising and read more about the speaker.

The site is built to give the information the user needs, when they need it. Essential information like date, time, and location are always included, but some details aren’t needed at every step. Users can easily access other information like session descriptions, papers, and tracks, but the data isn’t loaded unless it is requested. This simple change can greatly enhance the usability of the site, especially when internet connectivity is spotty or slow, an all-too-common occurrence at events.

Plus: Everything you already loved about Omnipress’ event websites is still available:

  • Full-text and faceted search helps attendees find the information they seek.
  • Responsive design mean that your site looks just as great on tablets and smartphones as it does on a desktop.
  • Consistent branding keeps your event and your association top of mind, with the same look and feel your members have come to expect.
  • Limitless content capabilities allow you to include everything that can make your site valuable: not just abstracts and papers, but also posters, biographies, videos, webinars, and anything else you can dream up.
  • Complete integration with your existing AMS or registration software means no double entry and seamless access to content.
  • Google Analytics helps you assess the effectiveness of the site and pinpoint which pages attendees find most valuable.

To see the new site in action, you can visit our updated Online Event Services page on our website or reach out to an account manager for a full demo.

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