Conference planners like you handle countless tasks on a day-to-day basis. Each time you check off an item on your long to-do list, you come a little bit closer to a meaningful, successful conference for your association’s members.

It’s easy to think of these tasks as a single, independent line item to be accomplished and forgotten. In terms of conference content, though, it’s helpful to consider everything you do to be part of a larger, ongoing process.

The conference content process begins with abstract management and paper collection. With Omnipress’ system, you can create custom fields to make sure you collect all of the information you need from submitters up front. Go beyond the abstract to make life easier for yourself, and your submitters as well. When you ask for everything you will need once a speaker is selected, you don’t have to worry about following up with the submitter for additional information.

Besides avoiding the run-around, asking for all required information up front solves another problem: creating your outputs. Omnipress can help you set up your abstract management system to collect information, like metadata (title, keywords, and description), that set your association up for an easier process in creating outputs, like a conference content website.

Omnipress offers both abstract management and a wide variety of conference outputs, including conference printing, online conference materials, conference apps, and USBs. Partner with us for all of your conference content needs to make every step of the process easier. Internal communication among Omnipress team members keeps things moving; you won’t have to explain your association’s needs all over again every time you reach out to someone to talk about conference content. Start with abstract management and follow through to all the outputs your association offers—print, mobile, online, and/or physical digital media (USBs, CDs, and DVDs).

Today’s takeaway: Change your mindset about conference content. Once you start to consider the tasks that fall under that umbrella as parts of a whole, handled from abstract management to final outputs with a single vendor, you’ll see how simple it can be to bring your association’s important content to attendees.

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