Omnipress is launching CATALYST, our new abstract management system!

Abstract management is not a new offering from Omnipress. We’ve been collecting abstracts online for 15 years (so about as long as it’s been possible to do). But CATALYST is unlike anything we’ve offered in the past. We’ve worked hard to make sure we weren’t just creating a great tool, but that we were creating a system tailor-made for conference content.

Our experience working with associations shaped the system

Every year we help hundreds of associations collect and review the program content for their conferences. In fact, our project managers open and close more abstract management sites in a single year than your typical meeting planner will do in her lifetime! This experience is at the heart of what makes CATALYST such a unique system.

CATALYST was designed with you in mind

A team that knows the ins-and-outs of the abstract management process (not just the ins-and-outs of computer programming) designed CATALYST. Why is this important? Because CATALYST isn’t a collection of “sounds great on paper” features put together by an IT department. If you ask the CATALYST design team why a certain feature of CATALYST behaves the way it does, the answer will undoubtedly include real-life examples of when this method was—or was not—followed and what the results were. (But let me warn you: if you do ask this question, do not expect a short answer. They are a passionate bunch when it comes to this system!)

Best practices are on by default

We created CATALYST specifically for associations collecting abstracts and papers. This means your call for papers isn’t going to be shoehorned into a workflow that was designed for another task. But we also know that everyone has different requirements for their conference. So with CATALYST, you have the ability to make adjustments to the workflow to suit your needs.

A system that answers “What’s next?” for users

Any good abstract management system needs to be usable by submitters with a range of computer skills. That’s why creating an intuitive interface was a top priority. In addition to a clean, modern design, a lot of effort went into creating a logical process with clear guidance on what the user needs to do next. And when the inevitable technical question does come up, we have built in options that let us quickly provide the answer without involving the meeting planner.

We’re thinking of your end goals from the beginning

One thing I’ve heard from our customers over the years is how difficult it can be to move information out of a competitor’s system for print, or to upload to a website. It’s like the vendor never really thought about what they were going to do with the info you spent so much effort to collect.

As a company that has been delivering content to conferences for 40 years, this always baffles me. What’s the good of collecting information if you don’t have a plan for delivering it?

We think this is so important, one of the first questions your project manager will ask you will be about how you plan to use this information at your conference. That’s because the data you need to collect for a mobile app can be different than a printed program book.

Withholding features doesn’t match our philosophy

The way we look at it, all our customers should have access to the same tools for their conference. That means you won’t find a tiered pricing plan with CATALYST and you won’t have to pay an extra fee to receive updates. There is only one version of CATALYST, and if you choose to work with us for your conference’s abstract management, you’ll be using it.

More to come

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be releasing much more information about the system. This site will be a great resource for learning more about CATALYST and how to see it for yourself. I am really excited to see this project launch and can’t wait to hear feedback from our customers about their experiences!

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