The meeting planners we meet love their jobs. Working towards a successful conference is rewarding, and the journey from that first planning meeting to the closing reception includes many satisfying moments.

And yet … there are many frustrations that meeting planners deal with, too. In the spirit of fun and friendly competition, the Omnipress team drew up a bracket of things that drive meeting planners crazy. If you’ve followed along, you know that we’re down to the title game!

Conference content is Omnipress’ game, so I’ll give you some ideas to limit your frustration for the four content challenges in the bracket.

  • Managing the process for collection and review of countless abstracts, working with a very clunky system. You’re ready to tear your hair out! Look for an abstract management system that allows you the flexibility to meld it to your process—without the cost of customization. A configurable abstract management is a good compromise.
  • Another presenter gave you their final materials after the deadline, and now you have to call three different vendors to update the app, the website, and the printed program. For the fourth time this week! Doing the same task multiple times can be infuriating. As much as possible, limit the number of vendors you have to call to make a similar change. Some conference printers also provide content websites, USBs, and conference apps, and some may also handle abstract management. Use a single provider to cut down on the runaround when updates need to be made.
  • You’ve called your conference printer three times this week and no one has gotten back to you. There’s no excuse for bad customer service. Agreed! Providers who don’t respect your time and return your calls are the pits. Choose a conference printer that’s big enough to meet your needs—and your deadlines—but not so big that they don’t treat you right.
  • Attendees bring every device under the sun to your annual meeting—except laptops—and your online conference materials only look good on a full-sized screen. Good news—you can completely avoid this situation! Just make sure the provider of your content website can build your site with responsive design. Your site will look amazing on tablets, desktops, laptops, and smartphones.

Your work as a meeting planner is so important—all you do helps your association fulfill its mission. Though there are daily annoyances that drive you crazy, I hope you realize how critical it is to your association’s members to have access to an annual meeting that’s a rich, meaningful experience. Thank you for working hard to make professionals in your industry more successful. We appreciate meeting planners and all they do for their associations!

Make your vote heard! Vote in the championship round for the thing that drives meeting planners crazy. Follow this link or visit our Facebook page and click on the March Conference Madness tab. We’ll announce the results next week!

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