Omnipress prides itself on being your single-source solution for event content delivery. We can print just about anything you can think of, provide your association with a useful mobile event app, customize an event content website to suit your needs, and give your attendees valuable giveaways in the form of USBs and CDs. We can also collect your event materials, which makes it easier to plan your event and generate all of the outputs mentioned.

All that we can provide for your annual meeting’s full educational sessions, we can also do for poster sessions. Scientific posters have been part of our abstract collection and speaker management system for a long time, but some associations don’t realize that our system is flexible enough to get that job done, too. The same system that hundreds of associations like yours count on for review of abstracts, papers, and presentations can also be used for posters.

Individual poster presenters can work with the Omnipress team to get their poster printed and shipped to their location. Associations can work with us as a preferred partner to offer a discount to their poster presenters and earn additional revenue when a coupon code is entered. (For more information on this program, contact an account manager.) Poster presenters can find pricing and free templates at

After your annual meeting, you can offer your attendees (and members, if you choose) access to view posters online. This gives the poster presenters additional exposure of their research while giving attendees and members another opportunity to learn about the project, whether or not they were able to see the presentation live.

Partner with one provider for your event content—for all sessions, including posters—and you’ll understand the convenience that comes from getting more done with less hassle. Collection, online access, and printing all takes place under one roof, by an integrated team with procedures in place to make the process run more smoothly for association staff, reviewers, and poster presenters alike.

About Omnipress

Omnipress delivers educational content for associations and other organizations. Digital and print solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences and training programs.

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