John's Story

At Omnipress we have always valued our people. One of the people at Omnipress that has been here from the very beginning is John Troia.

John has been working at Omnipress in the production department for 33 of the 40 years that we have been in business, so he is a very valuable part of our team.

In fact, there is a picture of him running the Omnimatic printing machine from the early 80’s featured on awall in our office and it is only right that he gets to explain what it means to him.

We hope that you enjoy hearing his story!

Video Transcript

This picture was taken in approximately 1984. If you look at the picture it does speak a lot of volume. The equipment behind me is no longer available. It was cutting-edge technology at the time in the offset you know printing world. If you look at the equipment today compared to what we had back then, 33 or 34 years ago it’s just phenomenal.

Which brings to you know the point of Omnipress what makes it so interesting. Technology we had back then, we are constantly evolving. You have to you know do it so you know the evolution of it to stay on that cutting-edge.

With that being said how it makes it interesting there’s so much difference from day to day let alone year to year, decade to decade. So much of the offset as you see in that picture, the offset process is obsolete.

Everything has gone to digital and even beyond that. So with that being said, there really isn’t a boring dull day at Omnipress technology wise. You know the people are great, good time all around.

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