You know the basics of giving your attendees a USB or CD filled with conference content. Providing a useful giveaway that spurs learning and deeper engagement with the content shows that your association is committed to member education. Attendees appreciate the ability to access digital content, even when WiFi is spotty or expensive, as it so often is at convention centers and hotels.

You know how important it is that a USB or CD be well-organized and easy to navigate. Robust search capabilities make it easy for attendees to find the files they need.

You may even know that several options are available for USBs, including a pen-style version and several custom options, like an ear of corn, a tube of lipstick, and even a slap-band bracelet. Many packing options are available, like inserts to a 3-ring binder to deliver CDs and a plastic case to protect a USB.

A CD or USB filled with conference content also extends your brand. The logo of your association and/or the annual meeting can be printed on the CD or USB, reminding attendees of your association and its educational benefits every time they use it.

Besides all of these advantages to using physical digital media for your conference, many of which you may already know, there’s one more great reason to add a CD or USB to your conference content planning—a companion website comes with it!

The same search capabilities your attendees enjoyed offline can be used online when internet access is reliable. The format and structure of the companion site looks and feels like the navigation of the USB or CD, which helps attendees bridge the gap between the two.

You know a lot about offering USBs and CDs to your conference attendees, but when was the last time you considered doing it? Maybe it’s time to rethink physical digital media as a viable and valuable choice for your association’s conference content.

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