Attendees consume conference content differently now than they have in the past. Just think about the abundance of mobile devices you see at your annual meeting, and compare it to what you saw in 2008. If you had initial doubts about whether digital content would stick, they are probably gone by now.

So you probably understand that your association should offer content to attendees online, but knowing how to do that—and how to make the most of it—can be a challenge. Posting PDFs of presentations on your conference website is a good start, but there are opportunities to make your online content do much more than simply be an electronic version of your printed materials.

Our new whitepaper includes ideas on how to leverage your online content so you can meet the needs of your attendees while striving to reach your association’s goals as well.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Encourage members to build a personal library

Attendees can use online conference materials to build a personal library of association content that’s most relevant to them, even from sessions they weren’t able to attend at the conference. When note-taking is available, they can do even more to make the content their own.

Learn how to leverage online content before, during, and after your conference—and how it can increase your association’s visibility. Download now!

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