These days, when someone looks for information, they go online. When a well-meaning salesperson tries to hand off a brochure or other printed piece, we have seen more people asking to be sent a link. Some still take a brochure, and a few may even read it, but for many others, doing research online is more efficient.

When you work with Omnipress to make your event content available online, potential attendees get a glimpse of the content before the conference. Seeing a preview might entice them to come. Finding valuable information about your event—not just a schedule and venue information, but content from actual planned sessions—couldn’t hurt, either.

During and after the event, online access to content is a valuable addition to printed proceedings. We have heard from our clients that tablets have become ubiquitous at recent meetings; just about every attendee carries a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, or even all three. Given the change in the tide that these digital appendages represent, it’s important for your association to remain relevant by making your event content accessible online. Attendees bring the devices along to better experience your event, not to spend time on Facebook. (Well … in addition to spending time on Facebook.)

When attendees and other professionals find event content online, they will see your association as a valuable resource in the industry. Going beyond simply having a registration site will show professionals in the field that your association “gets it,” realizing that the present and the future of content delivery is multi-faceted, including print, digital, and mobile resources. (Thanks to responsive design, Omnipress’ event websites appear appropriately on mobile devices.)

Capitalize on this opportunity to show your association for the innovative force that it is. Make event content available online to better serve your attendees, market your association, and extend the life of your conference.

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Omnipress delivers educational content for associations and other organizations. Digital and print solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences and training programs.

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