Printing materials for your association’s annual meeting is one of the last pieces to fall into place. And it’s not for lack of planning—it’s a necessity. Speakers are notorious for getting final presentations in at the last minute. When the last one hits your inbox, the scramble begins to get programs printed and shipped so they’ll arrive at the venue in time.

Do you ever wonder if conference printing have to be this hurried and stressful every time? You’re right to question the process. You haven’t been doing conference printing wrong, but there is room for improvement, even if you can’t get presenters to submit their materials on time.

We have been printing conference content for 40 years, and we’ve developed best practices along the way. For example, we recommend that you start the conversation with your printer before you start collecting content.

You might think that collecting materials and printing programs have nothing to do with each other, but that’s not true. When you talk about collection with your printer first, they can give you suggestions on how to structure your collection process to make the organization, formatting, and output of content into print-ready files as easy as possible.

What else can you do to set yourself up for conference printing success?

Read Managing Print Projects: Five Tips for Success, our new whitepaper, for more tried-and-true recommendations. Leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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