When you hear the word “outsourcing,” what comes to mind? A call center in another country? Americans losing jobs? Sometimes that’s the case, but not always.

For training companies and small publishers, the purpose of outsourcing is to allow the proper use of internal human resources. If you’re printing books and fulfilling orders in-house, your employees are doing busy work, not business.

Imagine how your organization would grow if you stop printing and shipping out books on your own, and redirected those employees to tasks that help you build your business. Most companies, whether you provide materials for sales training courses or homeschoolers, have more ideas than they have time or resources. Freeing up employees for more meaningful, mission-driven work can help bring more of those ideas to fruition.

Question your assumptions about outsourcing, and you’ll find that this can be a good thing for your organization and its employees. Trusting someone else to manage print and fulfillment doesn’t mean you have to let employees go; no one has to lose a job. This is simply a matter of redistributing staff time.

Skills needed for print and fulfillment are often more complicated than they first appear, especially if kitting, multiple delivery locations, and international shipping are involved. Using a partner with expertise in these areas, like Omnipress, will alleviate the burden on your staff and increase the likelihood that training materials will arrive as your requested, on time, and to the correct location, with the right course books and training manuals.

Outsource is not a four-letter word, unless you work with multiple vendors. The time and frustration you’ll experience trying to juggle more than one fulfillment vendor might make you feel like using a few four-letter words of your own. Instead, turn “outsource” into a productive, cost-saving phrase: S-I-N-G-L-E P-A-R-T-N-E-R.

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